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QR code scanner online | code bar scanner

A web application to read QR codes. QR code decoder is a fast and user-friendly tool to scan QR codes online.

Mailto link generator | Mailto link generator gmail

Mailto generator allows users to create hyperlinks on the websites to send an email to a specific address directly from a HTML document. Easy Mailto link generator gmail.

Youtube thumbnail downloader: Youtube thumbnail grabber

YT thumbnail downloader helps you to download high-quality images. YouTube thumbnail downloader work on every video

WhatsApp link generator | Create WhatsApp link

WhatsApp link generator is used as a business tool. Business owners can create WhatsApp links to help their customers to connect.

YouTube Timestamp link generator

Generated youtube links with exact start timestamp, helpful for mobile users. YouTube Timestamp link generator is a tool to create a link with a timestamp to a Youtube video.

Paypal link generator | Paypal payment link generator

Create a PayPal payment link by using a seamless PayPal link generator. Use this paypal payment link generator to your social media accounts to receive payment.


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