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lorem ipsum generator | lorem ipsum text

Use Lorem Ipsum generator to create your own tex. lorem ipsum text generator helps to create desired length sentence, paragraph and words.

Markdown to html | Convert markdown to html

Cray tools offer your free service to convert markdown to HTML in one easy step. Copy paste your text to convert markdown to HTML.

Color converter | binary to gray code conversion

Color converter is best to convert between various colors from a space to another including CIELAB, HEX, RGB, CMYK, and XYZ.

HTTP headers lookup

HTTP header checker tool is a free online curl test. It promotes the HTTP response to any URL to analyze.

IDN Punnycode converter

Easily convert IDN to Punnycode and back.

Image Optimizer | Online Image Compression

Free online image compression tool. Get your image optimized with CrayTools

BBcode to HTML | BBcode converter

BBcode to HTML converter tool helps to translate more than standard tags. BBcode converter converts BBcode markup language to HTML.


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