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DNS Checker | DNS Lookup

DNS Lookup tool helps us to check DNS records and lookup for a domain. The DNS lookup helps to check DNS records with IP addressees received from the name servers.

IP Lookup: Whois IP tracker

IP address lookup tools provide all IP location details. IP location finder Helps to find the location of any IP address. Find ip address geolocation.

SSL Lookup | free online SSL Lookup cray tool

SSL Lookup helps to check the security status of your website. SSL lookup tool provides an SSL certificate of your website validation.

Whois ip lookup | Whois domain Lookup

Get the whois domain lookup, IP address whois, and domain owner details with the Whois lookup Cray tool.

Ping online | Ping website

An online ping website tool that helps to check the accessibility availability of a server.

MD5 hash generator | MD5 online

MD5 generator is the best online MD5 hash generator tool that helps to convert a text into an MD5 hash.

Base64 converter | convert to Base64 online

A free online Base64 converter tool that allows users to encode to base64 and decode base64 into a text on the same page.

Base64to image | Base64 to image online

Base64 image online convertor is the best tool to convert base64 image into text, and convert text into image.

URL decode and encode | URL converter

A free URL decode and encode online tool. An easy urldecoder online to convert text and encode it.

lorem ipsum generator | lorem ipsum text

Use Lorem Ipsum generator to create your own tex. lorem ipsum text generator helps to create desired length sentence, paragraph and words.

Markdown to html | Convert markdown to html

Cray tools offer your free service to convert markdown to HTML in one easy step. Copy paste your text to convert markdown to HTML.

UUID v4 | UUID v4 generator

Free online UUID v4 generator is fast, quick and easily generated to create universally unique identifiers UUID.

Online Bcrypt generator | Bcrypt generator

A simplest and easy online bcrypt generator for web developers and programmers. Bcrypt hash generator is easy just enter your text, and get results.

Password generator | random password generator

A password generator is an online tool that helps to generate passwords automatically based on guidelines given by the website. It works as a strong, unique and random password generator.

Password strength checker | Strong password checker

Make sure your passwords are good enough.

Slug generator | Online Slug generator

Slug generator is an easy and free online tool to instantly slugify words or text to an SEO friendly content.

html minifier | Compress html

Free HTML minified to Compress Html and URL data with HTML minifier. Online minifier helps you to compress Html size.

CSS minifier | CSS Compressor online

Access the fastest CSS minifier tool and compressor with simple API. CSS minifier helps with compress CSS files

JS minifier | minify JS online

Minify js online is a tool and compressor with a fast and simple API. JS minifer helps to remove whitespace, combines files and optimizes.

Hosting checker | Website hosting checker

WEBSITE HOSTING CHECKER What is a website hosting checker? Website hosting checker is a free online tool that allows users to check who is hosting a particular website. By just providing the domain name or IP address to perform web hosting WHOIS. This way you can check your competitors' websites and the technologies they are using. Hosting is the most generic sense. It is a service through which storage and computing resources are provided to an individual or organization for the accommodation and maintenance of one or more websites and related services. A web hosting service provider is an online business that equipped web admins with the technologies and services needed to make a website available on the internet. How to use website hosting checkers? This free online tool allows users to find out the hosting details. Step 1: To check the website hosting details simply enter the URL of the website by clicking on the “Check Hosting” button. Step 2: Wait to complete the process and the results will be displayed on the screen. Why use the website hosting checker tool? This tool can help you to identify who is hosting any website. It will give you good information on choosing the best web hosting provider for your business. This can be a value-added tool for your business. Generally, use information in making comparisons whether it is for performance, ranking, platforms, and geographic locations. Web hosting provides all customers with all the technologies and solutions needed to make their website operational and help them to be visible on the web, irrespective of their private or business uses. Importance of website hosting checker tool A completely free tool that helps you to provide domain whois information. If anyone is using your content on their website without your permission, you can check the hosting provider of the domain and contact them to file a copyright infringement complaint against them.

URL Parser | Parse URL online

URL parser is a simple tool that helps you parse a complex URL into its components.

IDN Punnycode converter

Easily convert IDN to Punnycode and back.

HTML entity converter

Encode or decode HTML entities for any given input.

Binary converter

Convert text to binary and the other way for any string input.

Mailto link generator | Mailto link generator gmail

Mailto generator allows users to create hyperlinks on the websites to send an email to a specific address directly from a HTML document. Easy Mailto link generator gmail.

Safe URL checker | link Checker safe

Check if this link is safe. Safe url checker helps to check the safety of a particular URL that looks suspicious.

UTM link generator | UTM link building

UTM link generator allows you to custom your campaigns. UTM link building is also known as a trackable link generator.

YouTube Timestamp link generator

Generated youtube links with exact start timestamp, helpful for mobile users. YouTube Timestamp link generator is a tool to create a link with a timestamp to a Youtube video.

URL redirect checker

Check for 301 & 302 redirects of a specific URL. It will check for up to 10 redirects.

Image Optimizer | Online Image Compression

Free online image compression tool. Get your image optimized with CrayTools

URL extractor | Link extractor

Find URLs and extract links from your content with a free cray tool. Extract all the URLs, links, images, scripts, etc.

Paypal link generator | Paypal payment link generator

Create a PayPal payment link by using a seamless PayPal link generator. Use this paypal payment link generator to your social media accounts to receive payment.

BBcode to HTML | BBcode converter

BBcode to HTML converter tool helps to translate more than standard tags. BBcode converter converts BBcode markup language to HTML.

Remover HTML tags from string | HTML tag remover

Remove html tag with cray tool online. Copy paste your text and get HTML remove tags.


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